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Mainly, we are car number plate manufacturers. We make number plates as per the requirements of the customers. At Orbiz, we use different font designs and styles for your number plates. Moreover, we supply beautiful frames for your car and bike or any other  vehicles to hold the Orbiz number plate in it’s elegant beauty. As a matter of fact, we are the major supplier of number plate making machines in India. Although we are number plate manufacture, we also supply number plate embossing machines. We also supply all the raw materials such as blank plates, foils, stickers, clapper dies, etc

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For the Super Hero In You!

Orbiz Batman Number Plates

We manufacture custom number plates as per the client’s inclination and taste. Also, you can always get the best number plates which will make your vehicle look incredibly attractive as well as unique.

No, It’s Not just for cars!

Orbiz Spanish Number Plates

These Orbiz Spanish number plates are specially made for those who believe in being unique. The uniqueness our spanish plates are providing is sublime. Go, Order your plates today!

Germans are always classy!

Orbiz German Number Plates

Germans are always known for their craftsmanship when it comes to automotives. So does our german number plates. Make your vehicle look world class with just one click.

I Totally Recommend Your Services To All Vehicle Lovers For The Best Quality Number Plate

Customer from Karnataka

The Number Plates For My New Sports Car Looks Cool! Thanks To Orbiz

Customer from TamilNadu

Orbiz Number Plates Adds Grace To The Car! Thanks For The Plates.

Rakesh Kumar
Customer from Tamilnadu

I Have Ordered Many Plates From Orbiz And I’m Always Impressed By The Quality Of The Plates

Ankur Singh
Customer from Punjab

I had a good experience with Team Orbiz. I ordered my car number plate which was delivered on time and the quality met my expectations.

tushar bhasin
Online Shop customer

Good quality product, comparatively cheaper price and a fast service. Ordered online, and the number plates got delivered the third day. One suggestion would be to provide a tracking mechanism for the online orders.

Sharin Raghavan
Online Shop customer

I bought car number plates from online shop excellent quality and good service

sibin sankar KP
Online Shop customer

Orbiz Automotivez

Orbiz Automotivez is the major manufacturer of aluminium based number plates in South India. We manufacture Blank Number plates,IND Number plates, Manufacturing machines, Hot stamping foils, Hot stamping machines, Hydraulic press, Clapper dice, etc

number plate online
Number Plate Online
number plate online

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