Vehicle Registration Codes in India

Vehicle Registration Codes in India

All road-worthy motorized vehicles in India must be tagged with a Registration or License Number plate. The code must be embossed on a specified aluminium plate. The license number is issued by a district level Government authority named RTO (Regional Transport Office) of the respective state. This License plate is commonly known as the Number plate. This high quality – plate must be clearly visible and must be fixed in the front as well as at the rear of the vehicle. The name of the particular state, as well as the Regional Authority, are given in codes. All the Orbiz Number plates  clearly exhibit this obligatory information in the best possible manner. The state codes in India are given below.​

AN – Andaman & Nicobar

AP – Andhra Pradesh

AR – Arunachal Pradesh

AS – Assam

BR – Bihar

CG – Chhattisgarh

CH – Chandigarh

DD – Daman and Diu

DL – Delhi

DN – Dadra and Nagar Haveli

GA – Goa

GJ – Gujarat

HP – Himachal Pradesh

HR – Haryana

JH – Jharkhand

JK – Jammu & Kashmir

KA – Karnataka

KL – Kerala

LD – Lakshadweep

MH – Maharashtra

ML – Meghalaya

MN – Manipur

MP – Madhya Pradesh

MZ – Mizoram

NL – Nagaland

OD/OR – Odisha

PB – Punjab

PY – Puducherry

RJ – Rajasthan

SK – Sikkim

TN – Tamil Nadu

TS – Telangana

TR – Tripura

UP – Uttar Pradesh

UK – Uttarakhand

WB – West Bengal

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