Top 10 Number Plate Design

Orbiz being the leading vehicle number plate designer, manufacturer and exporter gives to the automotive market the best number plates for all variety of vehicles. Besides, a motorist can craft his own chosen dream number plate design according to his latest style, following his inspiration , taste and creativity. Orbiz believes: ‘if we are going to make a product, make the best’.

A vast number of attractive fonts and a variety of innovative and personalized designs together with a team of trained and dedicated technicians make it easy for Orbiz.

This is clear from the TOP 10 NUMBER PLATE DESIGN exhibited below.

UK Number Plate Design​

U.K. number plates use the prestigious Charles wright fonts named after the designer himself. This font is large and beautiful; it fills the number plate with exceptional accuracy and unmatched elegance. 

EURO Number Plate Design​

The most beautiful and slender Euro Fonts are used both for bikes as well as cars. Young and vibrant motorists prefer this attractive font for their bike number plate design because it can synchronize perfectly both the front and rear number plate design.

TRAFFIC Number Plate Design

Orbiz Traffic Number plate design has become an outstanding sign of your own conquest of the roads  whether it be the Highways or the bye ways; broad ways or narrow lanes. You are a driver who enjoys driving .  

GERMAN Number Plate Design​

Do you know that German cars always caught the eye of all through out the globe? These four wheelers speak German even today with advancement through technology and driving pleasure. Whatever it is be it a German car or an Orbiz German number plate, you attract people. The German number plate design assures quality, strength as well as attractiveness. German is indeed the outstanding sign of your personality.

ROMAN Number Plate Design​

The upright Roman fonts used for the Roman Number plate design are always outstanding. Orbiz the most popular number plate manufacturer proudly presents the Roman Number plate design for vehicle owners. Rome is noted for the most excellent designing in the world. Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci and a number of eminent artists and designers drew their strength from Rome. Designers all over the world are enamored and draw inspiration from Rome. By spotting an Orbiz Number plate design on your vehicle you join millions of admirers of Rome and its legacy. 

BATMAN Number Plate Design

A modern motorist can be unique and at the same time give expression to his personality . When some one stands alone like the Batman, he will be with the whole world. Let your number plate stand out for your signature strength as well as all your positive qualities. The modern world can not just have super heroes knock around with out any consequence. Different people who have the same goal may have different methods. To meet a superman you need a batman. If the Orbiz Batman Number Plate Design has attracted the young all over it reveals the power in the youth. Involvement in action simply keeps the Batman engaged as the youth enjoys the state of flow where the sense of self vanishes. Enjoy your ride with the Batman.

SPANISH Number Plate Design​

The Spanish Number Plate Design created by Orbiz, has attracted the most number of people including artists and designers because Spain is considered as the Paradise for designers. The Spanish sticker on the number plate is an attractive Spanish logo. Modern number plates may carry hidden messages revealing ones own personality as well as creative imagination. Spanish Number Plate Design has become the mark of modernity. 

IND Number Plate Design

Orbiz has a special number plate design which has become the most popular among the majority of the motorists. The IND number plate is in compliance with all the legal requirement recommended by the Government. It is the most attractive Number Plate Design concerning its size, font, colour etc. this is the best that a vehicle can ever have especially because of the Ind Logo embossed on it with a shining visibility . The number of colours available for personalization has made it most popular in the country. The IND Number Plate design has become the unique sign of safety and security on the road.

FORMULA ONE Number Plate Design

Formula 1 is the highest class of single seater auto racing, sanctioned by the FIA. It is owned by the Formula One Group. Do you know that the term “Formula” refers to a set of rules which all the participants must observe? Orbiz has gladly joined the team of admirers and enthusiasts in order to popularize this great sports scenario among the young motorists in the automotive world by creating a Formula one number plate design.

The Formula One cars are the fastest motor vehicles in the world. Keeping this in mind the Orbiz designer creates a perfect Formula One Number Plate Design which adds to the confidence of the motorist to drive safely on the road. The Formula 1 Race Cars have chosen the Charles Wright fonts and the U.K Number plate. No wonder then, that Orbiz Automotivez has preferred this for you to give a creative expression to your unique personality. Make your car number plate design come alive with the splendid U.K. Fonts on a Formula I Number plate design and join the crowd of bewildered sports lovers all over the world.

AQUA Number Plate Design​

Orbiz has created and customized a special Number Plate Design using the Aqua fonts which speaks clearly your passion for vehicles as well as your favorite choice. This Orbiz number plate design, further personalized by you as per your dreams, makes your vehicle  simply stand out with its rude dominance and beastly power ensured by the best manufacturer, Orbiz.

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