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Somaliland Vehicle Number Plate

Somaliland Government wants proper identification of all vehicles in the country. All the vehicles are to be registered and proper number plate with the registration code are to be displayed. There are three categories of registration number plates. The government vehicles should have green number plates with the alpha numerals written in white. The private vehicles should have white number plates with black letters on them. The vehicles used by foreign agencies should have red number plates with white letters. The name of the state must be clearly visible as Somaliland written in English. Besides the government has already started digitalization of vehicle registration.

Orbiz Groups Foreign Designs:

Orbiz group, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in India is now receiving orders from a number of foreign countries all over the world. We manufacturing the latest model of license plates. Which are sturdy, retro-reflective as well as with features of safety for all variety of modern vehicles. We also supply the latest and the most advanced license plate manufacturing machines to a selected number of customers all over. As a pioneer in this field, we have become the most reliable and trustworthy associate of thousands of vehicle dealers in the country as well as abroad. Orbiz has already started taking orders for manufacturing special license plates for a number of countries. We are now in a position to cater to the needs of any country in the world. For vehicle license plates with precise as well as particular signs and logos prescribed by it.

Orbiz aims at all Attractive Designs:

Every nation in all the continents of the modern world has its own unique registration plates as well as the system of designing and numbering the license code. Nowadays every vehicle owners are is well-enlightened and beauty conscious. He/she demands the most attractive and personalized designs for the number plate of his/her vehicle. Orbiz group, being an internationally reputed number plate designer as well as the manufacturer is well aware of it.