Road Safety Informatory Signs

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Informatory road signs are indeed silent guardians on the road. These silent signs inform road users about the routes, about distances as well as about destination. These signs give guidance to all road users including the drivers even as regards to roadside facilities available to them. Some of these informatory road-signs help drivers to save time without wandering around. The Traffic Signs also inform about the condition of the roads ahead and thereby instruct the drivers what to do even at the major crossroads and junctions. These informatory signs also ensure proper road-traffic.

Knowledge about road safety is a must for all road users. Neglecting these safety signs can lead to loss of life and property. Therefore people must be educated regarding road safety measures. It is with this intention that we celebrate Road Safety Week. According to the latest statistics 3 people die in every ten minutes in India due to road accidents. Besides, the 2017 WHO Report reveals that 105725 people died due to road accidents in the world in that year itself. Remember, India has the highest number of road accidents.

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