Carbon-Gel Bike Number Plate Combo

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New Aluminium Gel Plate + Carbon Fiber Frame Combo!!

The Plate is standard RTO approved size (Front: 285 x 45 mm, Rear: 200 x 100 mm).

Also available without honeycomb design (Just mention it in the description).

The product contains 2 number plates, front and back.

Need your own design? Connect us on WhatsApp.

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Orbiz is pleased that our customers consider the gel number plate to be the best for your dream vehicle which must be beautiful and long-lasting. Being a delicately handcrafted item Orbiz designs it most perfectly as the customer desires, spending much time. Taking time for this process is not delay. Thanks to our customer for waiting patiently for the product.
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Carbon-Gel Bike Number Plate Combo!

Trend-Setting Chiron Number Plates:

Orbiz, an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company has become the best choice for vehicle registration plate seekers all over. The first reason for this customer selection is our quick response to the trend-setting tendency in the automotive market. The amazing designs and the latest custom bike number plate models like the Chiron number plates that we release to the market match all variety of new cars and bikes.

Magical Look on your Bike:

Professionals now make use of the latest reflective aluminium sheets to design the Chiron number plates for you. This reflective sheet not only shines in the dark but also illumines the 3D domed gel letters of the registration code on it. Besides, it is the most popular honeycomb design that comes to the market with these latest Chiron number plate designs. When these wonderful Chiron number plates are fixed in the most attractive carbon fiber frames, no wonder there comes up on your bike a mysteriously magical look. Don’t think twice. Have a close look at the latest custom bike number plate from Orbiz. It is easy to purchase it from the online shop itself. Just tap the button and add it to your cart.


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