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1 Product contains two number plates, front and back.

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  • Good source of the raw material
  • Vehicle number plate has Long life
  • Vehicle number plate Rust resistant
  • It  will Glow in the dark
  • Vehicle  number plate is lightweight
  • Vehicle number plate has Clear visibility
  • Fine finish
  • Impact resistant
  • No distortion
  • This Number Plate is a highly durable design
  • Suitable for All four wheelers
  • IND Number Plate Online

The Euro font is a reminder of the European Union or EU which named its currency as the Euro. Orbiz has adopted the Euro font for you. When you choose the Euro font, are you aware of the supranational foundation called EU that pledges democracy and makes war unthinkable and materially impossible as laid out by Robert Schuman? History itself demanded the rebirth of a new Europe and the Euro font which Orbiz has chosen for you is indeed a sign of a new era in automotive.

It is the most popular ind number plate online used by motorists all over India, especially by the young. The reason for its wide popularity is mainly because it is quite small, lean, wiry and beautiful. The Euro font simply attracts the eye because of its slender figure.  It covers only the bottom half of the registration plate leaving enough space for further customization by the motorist himself.  Usually, Orbiz selects the euro flag sticker for the font, on this number plate. The choice is left to the customer as he can choose other stickers according to his/her own preference.  The sticker of the German flag is often preferred by the motorist because it is a slender stripe. Besides, there are different sizes of this sticker flag which can either be used for the motorbike or the car.

OrbizAutomotivez engaged in exporting and manufacturing a wide range of best quality Aluminium Number Plates to our clients in India. These Aluminium Number Plates are in high demand in the market. Different sizes and designs are easily available in the market. Specially made from superior grade aluminum, these Aluminium Number Plates possess some striking features like resistance to rust and durable life

Orbiz Euro

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