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Orbiz Normal Car Number Plate

Still using radium number plate

Keeping To International Standards:

When a manufacturer creates new number plate designs, he takes all necessary precautions to ensure the strength and utility of the product. He must also notice the aspirations of the customer as well as the requirement of the vehicle. One must not just follow the fancy of the modern trend but instead must keep to the best of e international standards and recognized dimensions. Then it becomes a normally accepted car number plate. What are the guidelines

Registration Number Plate:

All motorized vehicles not only in India but also all over the world must have a registration number plate appropriately displayed on the vehicle itself. A premium quality retro-reflective aluminium plate of certain specifications must exhibit the registration code. The professionally embossed registration code serves as an identity of that particular vehicle together with its owner. An appropriate government authority namely the RTO as the road transport authority must issue the registration code as well as the number plate. The tamper-proof quality of the number plate ensures safety and security not only of the vehicle but also of the vehicle owner.

Specifications and Requirements:

One must fix the number plate in front as well as at the rear of the vehicle. Besides, this registration number plate must be clearly visible even at night. The law demands that the letters of registration mark shall be in Latin and the figures shall be in Arabic numerals. This embossed alphanumeric code must be black on a white background for two-wheelers/LMV cars. And shall be black on yellow background for commercial vehicles. The plates also have to be lit up at night. The motor vehicle act strictly forbids the use of any kind of fancy number plate.

IND Car Number Plate Online:

Orbiz IND Car Number Plate Online clearly exhibits this obligatory information in the best possible manner. Named as the IND number plate. We stamp this special IND number plate using high quality imported foil of international quality. The high quality, a chromatized aluminium plate is of shining visibility even in the dark. It is due to the premium quality reflective radium on it. Let the IND superhero in you stand out with Orbiz IND Car Number Plate Online design.

The Specified Normal Font:

Orbiz designers use the best as well as the most attractive normal font in designing the IND number plate. This selection of the font not only enhances the attractiveness of the vehicle but also adds to its identity. The superb clarity of this beautiful font further adds to the strength and security of the number plate as well as to the vehicle itself.

Think about high-quality aluminium plates instead of the radium number plate.

The superb quality of our products is guaranteed and the service we provide is impeccable. You are welcome to our online store to see and select the product. Besides, you can customize, get a preview of your selection and also make further changes until you are satisfied. It is only after your approval that we manufacture your product. You already know what you have selected and designed. And so, you know what you are going to get.

Cash on delivery supply is not possible here because we provide you with more than the product just by investing our time and energy as a mere service before the product reaches you. If by chance the product is returned, it cannot be made use of by anybody. Over and above all, we are a reliable manufacturer who follows international norms- an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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The processing time and delivery time varies according to products.

  • Orbiz guarantees that the normal aluminium embossed plates will dispatch within 24 hr after order accomplishment. In addition, it will take 5-6 business days to deliver according to your shipping address and courier availability. In most cases, you can expect delivery even before.
  • The highly customized products such as gel number plates; keychains etc. take a little much time to process. Moreover, you will get the items within 5-6 business days after dispatch.
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You will get the tracking details via SMS once the order is completed. In addition, you can track the order by using the link and tracking number provided on SMS.

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You can also place an order by contacting us directly on phone call or WhatsApp. We will place the order for you once the payment is done via PayTM / G Pay / Bank Transfer.

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We accept only prepaid payment mode. All prepaid payments are securely processed through Razorpay Payment Gateway. We do not have access to any credit/debit card information. The following forms of payment are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, Google Pay, PayTM, UPI.

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Orbiz makes your number plates with the information you have entered when you place your order. You are responsible for any information entered. Orbiz cannot be held responsible for any errors made by you. Orbiz is not obliged to replace items if the mistake is yours. You should always enter your plate details correctly and also your address information correctly. If you think you have entered any details incorrectly please contact us immediately but there is no guarantee that we will be able to change the details in time as the order may already be made and/or dispatched so please ensure you check the details before ordering online.

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The following font and font sizes are road legal

  • For 4 or above 4 wheelers rear and front must be in 19.5 x 4.75 inches font size must be embossed in 64 mm.
  • For two-wheelers rear 8 x 4 inches font size 40 mm and front plate 11.2 x 1.8 inches font size 36 mm both plates should be in embossed.

See Full Number Plate Rules in India

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No. Unfortunately, during the manufacturing process, we don’t pre-drill any holes into the number plates This is because all vehicles have different specifications for the location the holes should be in. better you take help of nearest workshops.

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It is Indian road legal standard plates and is made with chromatized aluminium materials and high-quality reflective materials for embossed plates. Moreover using acrylic and gel materials for gel number plates.

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