Doll Gel Keychain

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Emboss Laser Cut Keychain for Car/Bike
Material: Acrylic + Gel
Color: Black & White
Delivery Time: 5-10 Days

  • Make a rich look of your dream car/bike with this stunning Keychain.
  • You can customize the size and font you want.
  • (Just mention it on description)



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    • (max file size 256 MB)
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According to Wordsworth “the child is father of the man”. All children, without any exception, love dolls. A doll may not seem like a big deal. No one expects it to save lives either. But if you have the mind of a child, a doll can appear larger than life. That is reason enough, why men, women and children rush to get a doll key chain. Therefore, fill your heart with the feelings of a child.

Professionals in the world famous Mattel Fashion Doll Design, have realized that traditional views regarding masculine and feminine characteristics should not be imposed on little children. They have decided to design and release dolls which children can perceive according to their own liking. Little children can also create a diversity of representations. If all children love dolls and if there is a child in every man, a doll key chain indeed has a place in everyone’s life. That is why we have designed a doll key chain which each one can perceive according to his/her liking. Book for your share of this rare design and see how the sleeping child in you can change your life.

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