Orbiz Extreme HC Car Number Plates

Orbiz Extreme HC car number plates is a unique model. This latest novelty on the Indian roads with the honeycomb design has captured the sight of all, just to become the most modern trendsetter in the automotive market. First, the unusual size of this number plate itself will attract the attention of anyone. In other words, it is 20 inches long and 3 and a half inches wide. Besides, the Orbiz designer uses excellent creativity to design this unique model. Special Orbiz Extreme font used to punch the registration code on this special model makes it all the more unique. The high-quality retroreflective aluminium sheet adds again to its attractiveness.

The supreme clarity of the Orbiz extreme font and the perfection of the design become the mark of its uniqueness. Therefore, this Orbiz Extreme HC car number plate has become a unique symbol of an outstanding personality. The very picture of this special number plate makes the fact very clear. This, you can see on above itself. You will be delighted to possess this special number plate as an ultimate sign of your unique personality.

Our professional number plate designers always keep this in mind when they have given shape to this perfect product. It is just enough to fill the heart of the customer. Adding to the tamper-proof characteristics of this high-quality Extreme HC car number plate, Orbiz technicians hot stamp it at 220 degree Celsius. Besides, this outstanding design is made using special hydraulic punching. Consequently, it is extremely durable and can withstand any adverse circumstance. Orbiz makes use of the highest quality foil available in the market to add to its perfection. Moreover, several tamper-proof features are added to this Orbiz Extreme HC number plate design.

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