XE Medium Car Number Plate Frame

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Don’t you think that your car number plate will give a superb look if it is given a suitable frame? The number plate in front of your car is different from that at the rear. Are you finding it difficult to order frames for both the plates? Leave it to Orbiz and here is the best car number plate frame.

XE Medium frame is combined with two different number plate frames of varying sizes. The front frame is of 430 x 100 mm size and the back is of 500 x 120 mm size.

The product contains two frames, front and back.

This product is only suitable for those who need car long size number plate(500×120 mm) for rear and car medium size number plate(430×100 mm) for front.

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XE Medium Number Plate Cover for Car

Our commitment to the vehicle owner just doesn’t stop with the number plates. We also manufacture a stunning cover for your number plates which helps in highlighting the uniqueness of your vehicle. Our car number plate cover is so lightweight that it doesn’t affect the vehicle or number plate in anyways. They just provide additional protection and looks for your number plates.
Variety has always been the spice of life variety in everything including the mode of travel. Besides this, speed and comfort to add to pleasurable journeys. Nothing is unexpected today. That is why all the governments in the world demand registration plates for all motorized vehicles. Aluminium plates are the safest among all number plates. But there are occasions even these safe number plates disappear from the car. Besides, the insatiable longing of man for variety leads to the invention of different models and designs even in the field of registration plate as well as car number plate holder.

Guarding The Vehicle and its Registration

Modern?motorists have found a way to fix the number plate together with a specially designed car number plate holder. This modern accessory not only enhances the safety of the registration plate but also it adds to the beauty and elegance of the vehicle itself. Orbiz is well aware of the demands of the modern motorists and therefore introduces to the automotive market the latest XE Medium, as car number plate holder. It is a design that combines two different number plate holder of varying sizes. Orbiz designers combine the?car long of 19.6×4.7?inches with the car medium of 17×4 inches. However, you can fix any number plate with any font into these specially designed car number plate cover. Just tap the add to cart button.

Material: Plastic

Weight: 180 gms


Front: 430 x 110 mm

Back: 500 x 120 mm

Model: Universal for all cars

Features :

  • Hard
  • Safe to use
  • Especially combined for Front Medium Plate (17×4 inches) and Rear Long Plates(19.6×4.7 inches)
  • 14 clip locks and 14 small pins for better hold and safety on plates
  • Stylish and elegant look
  • Universal for all car brands