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The product contains two number plates, front and back.

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Orbiz Normal Number Plate

Orbiz has a special bike number plate design for you as the Orbiz normal Number plate. This design is fully according to the legal requirement recommended by the Government for every bike number plate designs India. It is fully in compliance with the law, especially in regard to its size, font, colour etc. This is the best that your bike can ever have.

We use the best-chromatized aluminium plates of shining visibility available in the market in order to design this number plate for you. As it shines perfectly in the dark it ensures your own safety as well as that of your bike. The Orbiz Normal font used on this number plate is indeed the mark of your security on the road.

Keep in mind that the colour you choose does enhance your own personality, besides giving a unique identity to your bike. You can select the Ind Logo from a wide variety of colours. Go and grab your IND number plate and join India’s speedy march to unchallenged advancement in technology.

A Quality Product:

Remember! The Orbiz Normal font is embossed using high quality imported foil to hot stamp the figures on this legally authorized number plate at 130-degree centigrade. However, the customer is given quite a number of foil options. He can either choose a special mat-foil or a glossy foil that will provide a shining effect, as he likes. He can also prefer a special IND foil for his number plate which will manifest his further attachment to the country.

Orbiz Normal

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Orbiz Blank, Orbiz IND Black, Orbiz IND Blue, Orbiz IND Blue Flag, Orbiz IND Green, Orbiz IND Orange, Orbiz IND Red, Orbiz IND White, Orbiz IND White Flag, Orbiz IND Yellow


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