Yamaha Custom Keychains


YAMAHA keychain
This uniquely designed keychain portrays the love for your bike. Let it be YAMAHA R15 or FZ bike,
keychain can be customised online to match the colour of your ride. This keychain demonstrates the
dominance and power within with a sturdy model.
Lightweight Aluminium build for sturdiness and size optimised for being pocket-friendly.
Bright colour and design that shines with any outfit.
Quick and easy to buy and customise keychains online.
Size- This is all in your hand, make it as you wish.
Thickness – Again, your wish sire…tell us a number between 3 mm to 5 mm; and it’s yours
Design – You choose it, our job is to carve it to perfection

Orbiz is pleased that our customers consider the keychain to be one of the precious collections which must be beautiful and long-lasting. Being a delicately handcrafted item Orbiz designs it most perfectly as the customer desires, spending much time. Taking time for this process is not delay. Thanks to our customer for waiting patiently for the product.
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Orbiz Yamaha Custom Key Chains Online

Bike Key Chain Online

Gone are the days when keychains were just a thing to keep the keys. It is time to go with the trends.
Have you adored to have a keychain that matched your personality or had your favourite brand, actor,
or anything that you like? Keychains have now become an accessory, and it surely has to be matching
with your profile. Let’s get you the keychain you’ve always wanted.

Orbiz Keychains:
With Orbiz, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can have your own customised keychain and
flaunt it. There are so many options in various categories that will make you awe. With Orbiz, you only
get what you want.

Yamaha Custom Keychains


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