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German Special – Type A

You have seen that the age of old models of cars has disappeared long back. The Indian roads are today crowded with all types of new cars. It is indeed creating a different rainbow of cars on our roads with a wide variety of shapes and colours. Not only the beauty this modern scenery attract our attention but also the fantastic interior of these modern cars bewilder us. The comfort and pleasure offered inside these modern cars which use the latest technology in the field of science and computerization too demand our attention keeping in line with this modern trend.

Orbiz is bringing to the automotive market a new German Type A number plate for you. This special design is indeed a rare gift to the latest model of your dream car. It is indeed very different from all the rest of the number plates make your choice from the variety of colours available in the Orbiz online shop now itself that you have ever seen mainly due to the three attractive divisions on the plate. You can and add to your cart. Just press the button below and make this beautiful model of number plate your own. Add this design to the uniqueness of your car as well as your own personality.

German Special – Type B

Orbiz is bringing to the automotive market another fantastic model number plate. It is the German Type B number plate design. You know that everyone wants to be different and to have a unique identity of his own. Don’t you want to add a uniqueness also to your own car  The German Type B number plate is just meant for that purpose. This special model of design is different from all the rest.

You can make sure of this in the Orbiz online shop itself. While the alpha numerals form a single line in all other number plates, in this special design the traffic code is fitted in three lines. While the state code occupies two of these lines at the left side of the number plate, the important registration number fills the rest. It provides a fantastic new look adding uniqueness to your vehicle befitting your own personal taste. Just by pressing, the button below you can make an easy choice and add this to your cart now itself.

German Special – Type C

The inexhaustible creativity of Orbiz designers always tries to catch up with the ever increasing demand from the car owners. Now it is another thrilling car number plate design that comes out from Orbiz. Therefore, the German Type C number plate has overtaken all other number plate designs in the modern automotive market. This design is quite bewildering and at the same time mystifying. It is very different from the German Type A as well as Type B car number plates. Besides, this special design is most suitable for further customization by the car owners themselves. Unlike other models in this series, the state code in this number plate is not broken up in this design. Instead, the code takes a single line.

However, it is in a very special and attractive manner. However, surprisingly enough the state code occupies only the lower part of the left side of the number plate. It means this fantastic design leaves enough space for further customization. Besides the registration, the code also gets enough room and it is embossed carefully using large German fonts, adding to its attractiveness. So just, have a close look and convince yourself of the astonishing peculiarities of this Type C number plate design. As you are looking for best number plate designs for car. The button below and add your choice to your cart immediately before the stocks get your identity and at the same time without compromising quality as well as beauty, just tap.

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