Algeria Vehicle Number Plates

Vehicle Number Plates Of Algeria: A vehicle number plate is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes. All countries demand registration of vehicles be done with the concerned authorities and also to display the registration code on an appropriate number plate on the vehicle itself. Algeria being a sovereign state in Africa demands registration of all roadworthy vehicles in the country. It has numerous vehicles registered mostly in the cities; the majority of them are modern cars followed by trucks, according to the latest vehicle census. Algerian number plates usually follow the French pattern using the same font as well as dimensions. However, custom number plates are also seen on the roads recently. Having only numerals on the number plates.

The Algerian number plate is one of the few in the world which can strictly be claimed to be number plates. Most of the number plates in the world follow the alphanumeric pattern. Standard Algerian number plates which are fixed in front of the vehicle are white with black digits on them. On the other hand, yellow plates with black digits are fixed on the rear modern Algerian number plates. Have three groups of digits on them marking the registration number, vehicle identification as well as the province of registration. Algeria also issues diplomatic plates which follow slightly a different pattern. The three groups of black digits are separated by hyphens and the plate has a light teal background. The first group reveals the actual registration number; the second group identifies the diplomat or embassy staff and the third stands for the particular embassy

Orbiz Group’s Foreign Designs:

Orbiz group, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in India is now receiving orders from a number of foreign countries for manufacturing number plates for all variety of modern vehicles. We also supply the latest and the most advanced number plate manufacturing machines to a selected number of customers all over. As a pioneer in this field, we have become the most reliable and trustworthy associate of thousands of vehicle dealers in the country as well as abroad. Orbiz has already started taking orders for manufacturing special number plates for the United Arab Emirates, Congo and many others. We are now in a positions cater to the needs of any country. Orbiz is well equipped to meet the needs in the most economical manner. Therefore we are prepared to manufacture the vehicle number plates of Algeria. With the most attractive and beautiful designs as well as the best security features.

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