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Abu Dhabi Number Plate.

Orbiz Ventures into The Emirates:

Orbiz group, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in India is now receiving orders from a number of foreign countries for manufacturing number plates for all variety of modern vehicles. We also supply the latest and the most advanced number plate manufacturing machines to a selected number of customers all over. As a pioneer in this field, we have become the most reliable and trustworthy associate of thousands of vehicle dealers in the country as well as abroad. Orbiz has already started taking orders for manufacturing special number plates for the United Arab Emirates. We are in a position to cater to the needs of number plate suppliers in Abu Dhabi also.

Orbiz Eyes Abu Dhabi’s Attractive Design:

Abu Dhabi is one of the seven emirates of UAE each of these emirates has its own unique registration plates as well as the system of designing and numbering the plates. As such, Abu Dhabi has a very attractive design for the number plate. Therefore, the Abu Dhabi vehicle number plate has a very beautiful design with red band on its left or on the upper side. Besides, the number plate must feature one of the numbers starting from one to seventeen excluding the numbers two and three. However, the registration code must not exceed five digits.

Abu Dhabi’s Variety of Colours:

There are five new categories of vehicle number plates introduced by the concerned authority in the emirate. It includes red, blue, grey or green colours. The international license plate country code reveals the emirate, which registers the vehicle. This must be displayed on the rear plate of the vehicle. The front and rear plates can have different designs. However, the front should carry the logo of the emirate. Besides, the front plate must be fixed in the middle

Registration Made Easy By The Emirate:

The emirate has made it very easy to obtain registration number plate in the region of Abu Dhabi. Just by submitting an application together with all the required documents and the appropriate fee for it. There is also an option of the auction conducted regularly especially for those who want special and unique number plates. Orbiz can provide the best number plates in any of this category.