Orbiz Number Plate Maker

Number plate, an Instrument of Safety and Security: Vehicle registration plates contain u00a0the mandatory alphanumeric code provided by the road transport authority of a country. It is compulsory for all road-worthy Motor Vehicles and trailers used on public roads to display the License plates with no exception to this rule. All countries maintain an official Vehicle Register with all necessary information regarding all the vehicles in the country, their owners as well as those who drive them. Therefore the Road Transport Authority can easily trace the vehicle in case of an accident or contravention of the law. A License plate has an exact, permitted-dimensions, design and fonts.u00a0u00a0 u00a0

Keeping to International Standards: Orbiz Automotivez is an ISO 9001: 2016 Certified Company as a number plate maker. We are makers of high quality Number plates with excellent security features for all road-worthy and legal motor vehicles. We are also makers of Custom and Replacement number plates for foreign vehicles. All our products including Clapper Dies, Number plate Frames and Retro reflective Aluminium Blank Number plates. All our products keep to the International standards. Therefore you can easily avail all our services either to create your new designs as you desire or to make your replacement Number plates as exactly as you want them. You also can have Number plates of any size and design as well as with any content you want. You also have options for differently coloured borders and frames as we design and produce a wide variety of Number plate frames. We also create innovative Domed 3D gel, Acrylic, Laser and a number of designs giving complete expression to your own creativity. Besides we also use high quality flags, logos, emblems to the complete satisfaction of our esteemed customers.u00a0 Remember we are the most experienced Number Plate Makers with perfect Number plate designs and excellent security features.

A Renowned International Number plate Maker: We the Orbiz Group manufacture a variety of Reflective, Gel, Laser and Acrylic vehicle registration plates for all models of vehicles. You can have a look at these in our Website. Using our site you can also design and order your Number plates after making your preferences in our Online Shop. After you have finalized your order through our secure Website it will be executed and dispatched within 24hrs

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