Different Colours of Number Plates in India.

Number Plate Variety: An Eye Opener

Don’t you see that a variety of colours fill the Indian roads? Not only a variety of vehicles with different colours, but also a variety of colourful number plates are there to bewilder you. Did you ever wonder what these colourful number plates signify? Therefore, remember: the colours too speak a lot about the vehicle, about its ownership as well as those who drive them. So have a look at the colours of the number plates.

White Number Plates

White plates and black text on it signify private ownership of either cars or motorized two-wheelers. These are used solely for private purposes and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.

Yellow Number Plates

Yellow plate with black lettering on it, is the sign of commercial vehicles such as taxis, buses and Lorries. Hence, the yellow colour stands for service rendered to the public as well as to the common person with utmost responsibility. Therefore, the vast number of taxi cars, buses and other passenger vehicles of this country exhibit the yellow number plate assuring the common person of service and safety. Besides, the owner can employ any person who have a commercial driving permit to drive the vehicle.

Black Number Plates with Yellow Lettering

Black plates with yellow alpha-numerals reveal that these self-driven commercial vehicles are on rent. These cars can be put to any commercial purpose without the limitation of the driver having to own a commercial driving permit.

Blue Number Plates with White Lettering

Blue plates with white lettering, is the sign of foreign- consulates. Therefore, these vehicles are used by the diplomatic service. Hence, the real ownership belongs to the particular country, which has a representative in India. Moreover, these vehicles enjoy certain diplomatic immunity. These number plates bear UN, CD or CC, which stand for United Nations, Diplomatic Corps and Consular Corps respectively. 

In addition, the first numbers denotes the country (as given the list below).

1 Afghanistan
2 Algeria
5 Australia
7 Bangladesh
11 Britain
17 China
52 Netherlands
68 Pakistan
73 Turkey
75 Russia
77 United States
102 Iceland
109 Israel
134 Botswana
Green Number Plates

Green plates with black lettering are meant for vehicles run with electricity. Undoubtedly, these vehicles with green number plates are Eco-friendly. Above all, it is also a sign of cooperation with the government to save petrol.

Red Plates with Emblem of India in Gold

Red plates have no numbers on them. Instead, they have a golden emblem of India. Obviously, these are vehicles used by the president of India as well as the governors of the states. Certainly, these special plates with the national symbol of the golden emblem signify the executive authority of the vehicle user. 

Red Plates with White Lettering

                The red registration board with white lettering is a common sight in roads. This is a temporary registration for a brand new vehicle. When a new car is bought, the showroom will register the car temporarily, until you register the car after paying the road tax.

Number Plate with Upward Pointing Arrow

                Vehicle belongs to defence follow a unique numbering system unlike any other license plate numbers. The numbers are registered under the Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. The two digits after the arrow show the year in which the Military procured the particular vehicle, along with its class, serial number, and base.

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