Number Plate In India

Number Plate In India

A Number Plate is a combination of alphabets and digits that form a registration number. The Number Plate is issued by the district RTO (Regional Transport Office) and should be placed in the front and the back of the vehicle with provision for illumination. The international registration code for India is IND.
The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all motorised vehicles on Indian roads must be registered with the RTO and bear a Number Plate (License Plate)There are various types of number plates in India. An unregistered vehicle falls in direct violation of the act which can attract a heavy penalty

What is HSRP Number Plate

The vehicles which are manufactured before April 1st do not come under the new law concerning compulsory use of high security registration plate. It means that the vehicles which are already in the show rooms and go-downs can be sold and registered as before and those vehicles also can use the number plates assigned by the RTO. All the vehicles which are manufactured from the first of April must follow the new rule of HSRP and obtain the high security registration plates as prescribed by the law.

All the vehicles which are in the showrooms now need not follow this obligation because they were manufactured before the 1st April 2019. The manufacturing companies are well aware of this fact that all vehicles which they manufacture from the 1st April 2019 must have the HSRP as defined by the government. They will definitely inform all the dealers about this responsibility on their part regarding the newly manufactured and sold vehicles. In short no one needs to hesitate to sell or buy vehicles and to get them registered a usual. They need not use HSRP for such vehicles because the law is not applicable to them as per this central government notification.

Number Plate In INDIA

  • The first two letters on a number plate (DL, KL, HR, MH etc) denote the region or the state the vehicle is registered with. For a vehicle registered with Chhattisgarh RTO will bear the letters CG.
  • The following digits indicate the district in which the vehicle is registered.
  • The third part of the license plate is a set of numbers (typically four) which is unique to the vehicle. Vanity numbers, like 0001, 0786, 1111 are regaFrded as VIP numbers and can be bought at RTO auctions for a premium price.
  • The last part of the license plate displays the international registration code for India IND.

Types Of Number Plate In India

  • White Number Plate With Black Lettering
  • Yellow Number Plate WIth Black Lettering(commercial car registration plate)

Black Number Plate With Yellow Lettering(Self driven/rental car registration)

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