Number Plate Design

When you personalize your custom number plate design, at first, you need to choose a maker of number plate designs. There are many dealers in India who offer you to create customized number plate designs. These designs are not only unique but also they comply with the regulations of the vehicle state law. The only thing you need to do is to set the height and width of the alphanumeric characters in accordance with the rules. Besides, according to the rules, your vehicle must have a number plate in front as well as on the rear. You also need to follow the colour scheme prescribed by the law. Hence the colour of the background for the registration number of the front plate must be white for all private vehicles. The colour of the font of characters on both the plates should be black.

A vehicle’s number plate is its identity. Besides, it adds to the beauty of the vehicle. That is why people choose a number plate that not only suits their vehicle but also reveals their taste and class to everyone. ‘Orbiz Automotivez’ is one of the Top number plate manufacturers in India who helps you to achieve this.

We offer you not only the option of customization but also we let you make use of the most advanced technology to do it. Besides, the materials that we make use of is of the highest quality. We have a quality control process of the highest standard and we make sure that the material provided by our suppliers meets our quality standards. Therefore if you buy number plates from us, you can be sure that the quality of the product will be beyond question.

 The Gel Number plate is a new innovation that is getting a lot of attention in the market. If you want to have a Gel Number plate designed for you, we can do that most efficiently. Be sure, our experts examine every day, all the orders we receive and they make sure that the work is carried out flawlessly. So we deliver the product to our customers, on time.


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