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Orbiz Group, the major manufacturer and exporter of specially designed and customized number plates for all variety of vehicles, has been operating in India since 2007. Most modern punching machines are used together with the best of dies to ensure superb quality of the number plates and at the same time giving special effects of design for the product.  Orbiz has well trained technicians to manufacture the best number plates in the market. We also undertake the production of customized car as well as bike number plates using a vast number of attractive fonts together with innovative and personalized designs. We are proud to be the first choice for all those who venture into manufacturing quality number plates all over India as well as abroad because we supply high profile, modern number plate making machines and install them in their place. We also take care to give them high quality Embossing press, Hot stamping machine, Blank number plates , Clapper dyes , Foils , Hologram, Snap lock etc . together with top grade durable rust and temperature resistant raw materials including high visibility retro reflective pre- designed aluminium  plates. High quality imported foil is used to hot stamp the figures on the selected and authorized number plates at 130 degree centigrade. However all the customers are left with quite a number of foiling options including the choice of a special mat-foil or even the use of a glossy foil.

Are you searching for a special number plate design in the Automotivez market that goes along with your own personality? You can further personalize your specially designed car number plate by further customizing it in a number of ways. Modern motorists are well aware of the fact that these plates do much more than exhibiting a number because they convey some important information not only about the vehicle but also about the person.  Besides, the number plate design  can also carry some hidden message.  After finding a dream car you can design your own dream by customizing your number plate design online.  Draw a line between the funny and the foul. Avoid offence. Craft your own vanity number plate if you have a penchant for pushing the envelope. So design and customize it according to your number plate design online style giving it a creative expression.

Having the 3rd highest number of the most attractive world heritage sites, Spain has always been a paradise for designers. The Spanish number plates designed by Orbiz are the most sought after by modern motorists. The Euro font is a reminder of the European Union or EU. When you choose the Euro font, are you aware of the supra national foundation called EU that pledges democracy?  History itself demanded the rebirth of a new Europe which makes war unthinkable and materially impossible as laid out by Robert Schuman.  Usually Orbiz selects the German flag sticker for the Euro font as the bottom half of a plate leaves enough space for further customization.  The Euro font simply attracts the eye because of its slender figure and it is most suitable for car number plate design online.  As such this font promotes the most popular number plate designs online. Being in an age of adventure, animation and 3D effects, a modern motorist doesn’t get stuck to the old static world of conformity. So make your number plate design online come alive with an Orbiz 3D domed gel number plate design online.  It is the most stylish number plate design online in the modern automotive market. The 3D gel letters are created using the best quality materials on a sturdy, ultra thin, high quality acrylic plate. The mystery 3D letters are cut out with a special gel resin while maintaining superb quality of the product . When you choose German it goes with modernity. The Germaneness in the automobile world of today is synonymous with the zenith of Automotivez technology. Be it the car or the specially designed and customized number plate that you prefer to use, if it is German, no doubt, you attract people. The Ind number plate is chosen as the best product of Orbiz Automotivez. It meets all legal requirement recommended by the Government including its size, font, colour and so on . This is the best that your vehicle can ever have as it is embossed using imported foil on chromatised high quality aluminium plate of shining visibility even in the dark. You can further  customize it using a wide variety of colours for your Ind Logo.

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