NFC Enabled Keychains

Keychain are essential in our day-to-day life but there some special features are promoted in NFC ENABLED KEYCHAIN.
Numerous new generation Facilities are admires in it just tag NFC keychain connected with active phones.Just a single tap you can get location,web link,wifi networks,media or file,visitng card,social media pages you can add few important links like google map locations, contacts, important address, main document links, add url links etc.

you can hang it any where as your convienent. Where ever  you can have these facilities by using Orbiz NFC Keychain.and more over you can customize this keychain images with your own,like your company logo,pictures,QR codes etc,Orbiz Designers will help to design your keychain,

Orbiz automotive promotes best enlarge wireless connecting  between electronics by Just tapping it with your phone. Be fascinate with our latest updation.