How to apply for fancy number in HSRP

Am I allowed to choose a number for my car? Numbers count!  Numbers matter! High security registration plate (HSRP) has come to stay. The motor vehicle act has clearly defined and stipulated the size, the shape, the font, the logo etc which are necessary for security. However, this is an age of numbers or rather fancy numbers for vehicles.

Vehicle owners now can easily go for fancy numbers or special numbers of their choice. The high security registration plate will elegantly display the number of your choice. Now the question is: how to go about it and get a fancy number? It is made very easy. You can easily sit at home and get your chosen number registered. Just follow a few easy steps as given below.

Important things to remember before apply!

  1. Only after receiving temporary registration number that you are allowed to book your vehicle.
  2. Use only your application number to book your vehicle registration number.
  3. Do not use the temporary registration number and the receipt number.
  4. Vehicles which are brought in from outside the state after making temporary registration there as well as the new vehicles for which bodies are being built in the state, both must approach the registration office in the state and must pay the required registration fee as well as the taxes (if required) and receive the application number to apply for registration.
  5. If there is only one person who booked for a number, he will receive that number without any auction.
  6. After the auction has begun, you must log in and make sure how many applicants are there.
  7. If there are more than one applicant requesting a number, only through an auction the number will be allotted.
  8. It is obligatory to pay more than the basic amount fixed by the authorities, in order to participate in the auction.
  9. If there is no applicant who has quoted more than the basic amount, there will not be an auction for that number; it will not be allotted to any one; it will be put back again to the booking list.
  10. No refund will be made to those who do not take part in the auction.
Step 1:

Go to the Parivahan Portal by entering the URL Find the ‘Online Services’ menu and click on ‘Fancy Number Booking’.


Step 2:

You will navigate to the fancy number booking home page. Click on ‘New Public User’ option below on login form.


Step 3:

You will navigate to ‘User Signup’ page. Here you can create a new public user account.


Step 4:

Fill all the necessary details and press ‘Sign Up’ button. You will get an alert that ‘User ID and Password are sent to the mobile number and email‘.


Step 5:

After getting the User ID and Password, get back to Fancy Number Booking Home page. Then Login using the User ID and Password.


Step 6:

After login, the user is required to change the Password. You have to set a new password in the described format as well. Enter your current password; then the new password you want and confirm the new password. Press the change button.


Step 7:

Using the User ID and the new Password, Login again into the Fancy Number Booking Portal. You will see the home screen as below. Click on ‘Number Selection’ menu.


Step 8:

Now the ‘Applicants Home’ screen will appear. Click on ‘Select RTO’ drop menu and choose the particular RTO in which you need to book your Registration Number. And click ‘Continue to Register’ Button.


Step 9:

Now you can see the list of all the available numbers. If you want any other number which is not listed, enter the number you need on the field ‘Enter Numeric Part of Choice / Other than Listed Number’ and press ‘Check Availability’ Button. If the number which you request is available, it will appear at the bottom of the list. Otherwise the message ‘Not Available’ will appear. Select the number which you need and press ‘Continue to Register’ Button.


Step 10:

Now you are in ‘Bidder Registration’ Page. You must proceed using the Application Number which you already got in your mobile when Temporary Registration is done (You can also find your Application Number in the application form as well as your Temporary Registration Certificate). Now you must provide all the bank details as required. The bank details must be the same as vehicle owner details. Then check the ‘I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct’ and press the ‘Submit’ Button.


Step 11:

After you submit the details, you will proceed to payment page. And pay the required basic amount. After the successful payment, you will get the invoice. You will also get all the details including the date and time of Auction by SMS. Now you will receive a ‘Unique Acknowledgement Number’ for each of the registration numbers you have booked.


Step 12:

When the auction begins, enter again on the ‘Fancy Number Booking’ Portal and you can take part in the Auction Process. For this purpose, find the ‘Auction Service Menu’ and choose ‘Bidding Process’.


Step 13:

Click on ‘Select Unique Acknowledgement Number’ drop down.  Here you can see all the Unique Acknowledgement Numbers including those of being auctioned at present. You can now select one number from them and proceed.


Step 14:

After selecting that unique number, you can find out how many applicants are bidding for that number. The basic amount and the highest bid also will be on the board. To change the auction amount, click on ‘Change Bid’ Button.


Step 15:

As you participate in the bidding, you can add the increment to the bid only by the multiples of 1,000. But you cannot increase at a time, more than 10,000 to the last bid amount. After changing the Bid, press the ‘Submit’ Button.


Step 16:

When the auction is over, you must make sure that ‘Your Bid Amount’ and the ‘Highest Bid Amount’ in the auction are the same. It is to make sure that no one has overtaken you. Anyway, you will get the message on mobile whether you have succeeded or failed in auction. You are liable to pay the balance amount from the basic amount you have already paid.


Step 17:

Go to ‘Auction Service’ menu and choose ‘Balance Amount Payment’ to pay balance amount. Choose your Unique Acknowledgement Number from ‘Pay Balance Amount’ Screen. After that you can pay the balance amount online itself.


Step 18:

After the payment, the officer in charge will allot you the number. Then go to ‘Print Allotment Letter’ on ‘Report’ Menu and you can take a print out of the Sanction Document. It is called the Allotment Letter by which you receive the registration number allotted to you.


Step 19:

Now you can present the vehicle for inspection with the Allotment Letter and all other documents needed.


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