How to Fix Your Bike Number Plate Using Frame?

It is very easy!! Now yourself can easily fix your number plate with the frame on your bike. Follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Take the Orbiz bike number plate frame, and observe the two parts of it which are aligned together

Step 2 : Separate the front part of it from the back disconnecting the inner locks within the frame. It is easily done.


Step 3 : Remove the universal number plate screws from your bike and take back part of the frame and fix it to your bike using the same screws. Make sure, the back part of the frame is perfectly fitted on the bike.


Step 4 : Take the number plate and place it inside the back part of the frame.


Step 5 : Now you can take the front part of the Orbiz bike number plate frame and align it to the fitted part.


Step 6 : Press it gently and make sure that it is locked perfectly from with in. Thats it! Perfect!!


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