ORBIZ CREATIVEZ introduces you best covid care products to overcome the current situation. As the global economy begins to reopen the factories it’s very essential to protect employees and customers from the COVID pandemic. To prevent from getting infected by virus infection. All products are available in standard and customized.


We are providing anti-fog design Face shield, which is most effective and avoids spreading virus plays a huge role in safety measures. Face Shields are more comfortable to wear than the mask and also extend the expiry time of the mask.


As the global economy begins reopen its very important to protect employees and customers from the COVID pandemic. We are introducing separate safeguard which protects us by virus infection caused by sneezing, coughing, speaking, laughing, etc caused by face to face interaction. Transparent safety screen with a variety of sizes fixes upon desks. Easy to clean and sterilize. Available in both standard and customized.


Our motive to introduce virus guard especially for the safety of employees and customers in IT companies, BPO telecom, canteen, hotels, etc which is most important from getting infected with the deathful virus. In the future, this kind of lifestyle prevents from fomites and germs


Orbiz are working hard to support the people in this covid19 pandemic critical situation. We are offering you various notice signages to remember the cautious and maintain social distancing, wash hands regularly, wear mask etc. This signages will play vital role of safety of your employees, students, customers, children and all. Customised and standard both signages are available


Our Vinyl Foot stickers which provoke us to have social distancing and protect ourself and others. Customized stickers provide safety signs and assist us to avoid people gathering in public places. Footstickers of normal size 20 “*16”.foot stickers with a center portion with six pairs of footprint are customized in size and shape remembers every people to make a positive impact with it


Sanitizers are very essential nowadays to fight with germs and keep us safe. Orbiz Automotivez provides you sanitizer in bulk and in retail which kills 99. 9% germs instantly without using water. You can use it anywhere in any situation to protect you from viruses.


Our hand sanitizer holder is an economical mounting accessory to ensure hand sanitizer is always easily accessible. The holder provides different size of bottles upon it and fix in any place.sanitize your hands and stay safe.


It’s manual height adjusted sanitizer dispenser. The foot processing holder is designed to hold up in any conditions especially in industries. It assists to eliminate cross contanimation and avoids spreading infections. it’s best hand touch free without electricity supply affordable for offices, shops and all outdoor apartments.


Face masks are one tool utilized for preventing the spread of disease. … Face masks are loose-fitting masks that cover the nose and mouth, and have ear loops or ties or bands at the back of the head. There are many different brands and they come in different colors.


Facemask is worn for a large time which makes discomfort our ears and marks on the face. These ear saver loops assist us to eliminate discomforting and prevent ears from the sore. The band will be adjustable fix on each end of the face mask and avoid getting hurt by wearing mask.


Safe hand prevents from getting infected with the deathful virus in your daily routine activities. You can use  Safe hand instead of your hands in fomites. By utilizing this you can prevent and break the chain of covid19. Stay safe and hygiene


It’s an acrylic material that assists you to maintain social distancing and avoid gathering closer around in rush places such as firms, railway stations, etc. Stay away stay safe. Prevent yourself from getting infected with the deathful virus.