Orbiz Number Plate Maker

Number plate, an Instrument of Safety and Security: Vehicle registration plates contain  the mandatory alphanumeric code provided by the road transport authority of a country. It is compulsory for all road-worthy Motor Vehicles and trailers used on public roads to display the License plates with no exception to this rule. All countries maintain an official Vehicle Register with all necessary…

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Custom Made Car Number Plate

Custom Car Number Plate Don’t you want to make your Car Number plate a unique sign of your own identity? A mark of your creative personality? Then make your custom car number plate Come alive with a special design created by you yourself. Let it be your own creation. Keeping this in mind, make use of a golden opportunity offered…

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Bike Number Plate Design

Make your Bike Number plate Design Come alive with a special design created by you yourself. Make use of this golden opportunity to work with an Orbiz professional to design your own Number plate which your own flying machine will adorn.  It is the most modern 3D Gel Number plate which will exhibit a design created by your own fertile…

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