Number Plate Design

When you design your custom number plate design, you need to choose the maker of the number plate design. There are many dealers in india that offers you to create customized number plate design. These designs are not only unique, but also comply with the regulations of the vehicle state law. The only thing you need to do is to set the height and width of the alphanumeric characters in accordance with the rules. Similarly, according to rules, your vehicle must have number plate in front and rear part. The color scheme also needs to be followed. The color of the background for the front plate must be white and for private vehicles The font of characters on both the plates should be black.

A vehicle’s number plate is its identity. Not only that but it also adds to the beauty of the vehicle. That is why people want a number plate that not only suites their vehicle but also shows everyone their taste and class. ‘Orbiz Automotivez’ is one of the Top number plate manufacturers in India.

Not only do we offer the option of customization but also make use of advance technology in doing so. The material that we use is of the highest quality. We have quality control processes that ensure that the material provided by the supplier meets our quality standards. If you buy number plates from us, you can be sure that quality won’t be of question.

 The Gel plate is a new innovation that is getting a lot of attention. If you want to a Gel plate designed for yourself, we can also do that. Our experts examine all the orders and make sure that the work is carried out flawlessly and is delivered to the server, on time.