CR7 Keychains


CR7 Keychain:
Hola! Ronaldo fans…we have got what you would love to possess forever. It’s a CR7 key chain and
voila ….it can be yours. Choose the shape that you want, Order the size as per your wish, chose the
thickness of the sheet and finally the design and it’s done. Your unique keychain will be shipped to
you in just a few days.

Note: Please mention all details regarding customization in the space provided for description


Keychains come across not only as a utility product but also as a gift, a souvenir, a memoir, a nice
keepsake and so much more. Keychains were created as an offspring of locks & keys, thousands of years ago. Nowadays, sporting a cool keychain is in vogue.
Orbiz Keychains:
Presenting Orbiz Keychains from the house of Orbiz Automotivez, a well-renowned manufacturing company which has been in the automotive business for more than ten years.
Orbiz goes ahead beyond variety and provides another advanced option for customization. This
means that as a customer you may order your design in a customized way.

 The material is Acrylic – We use the best quality of the acrylic material.
 Size- Your wish is our command, we will make it any size you want. Just keep in mind you are
getting a keychain and not a soccer stadium. After all, it has to fit into your pocket.
 Thickness – Again, this depends on your choice. Tell us a number between 3 mm to 5 mm;
and it’s yours
 Design – You choose it, our job is to carve it to perfection
 Font – Your choice, the customer is king.

CR7 Keychains


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