Barcelona Keychain


FCB Keychain:
This elegant FCB keychain is an easy pocket fit. It is designed keeping in mind the
durability. A perfect choice to consider this FCB keychain as a gift, goodie for anyone.
A merchandise that will round off the love for football. A must have motor accessory for
Barca fans; Cause it is – més que un clauer (more than a keychain).
P.S.: Barca Team slogan : més que un club.

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General Description of Keychains:
As time is of the essence in the corporate world, even a frivolous keychain can make life hassle-free.
Keychains talk a lot about the personality of the beholder, and hence keychains can be customised as
one wants it and can be bought online. Various keychain designs and models are available for your cars
and bikes.
Orbiz Keychains:
Recognizing the need for customized keychains, Orbiz has forayed into the business of manufacturing
custom made key chains. What that simply means is that we will make your keychain the way you want,

● The material is Acrylic – We use the best quality of the acrylic material.
● Size- Your wish is our command, we will make it any size you want. Just keep in mind you are
getting a keychain and not a garage. After all, it has to fit into your pocket.
● Thickness – Again, your wish sire…tell us a number between 3 mm to 5 mm; and it’s yours
● Design – You choose it, our job is to carve it to perfection
● Font – Your choice, for us the customer is king.

Barcelona Keychain


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